Understanding how fake Instagram is has helped me embrace my body just the way it is

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In the age of Instagram, filters, contour, and plastic surgery, loving your body is hard. Like many other women with social media, I started feeling like there were many things wrong with my body.

Over the years, we saw the beauty standards change. Big bums, flat stomachs, and tiny waists were the new thing. The “slim thick” body.

I’ve always been skinny (in an unhealthy way). Eating was always a struggle for me growing up.

All my life I tried to gain weight. I would even eat all the unhealthy stuff people complained about “going right to the hips” because…

How future self journaling has made me make a habit out of journaling in a more productive and healthy way

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When you think back on your teenage years, what’s one habit that you stopped because you’re “too old” for it?

What’s something you used to do that brought you joy and peace but you stopped because you’re “too busy”?

For me, it’s journaling.

I used to journal every single day. My journal was where I vented and wrote about all the things that happened in school. I would write about all my friends and all my crushes. …

Stop yourself from going down the rabbit hole with these 4 steps

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Have you ever rehashed past conversations? Dwelled on your choices? Or gotten trapped in a tunnel of “what if” scenarios? Then there’s a pretty good chance you’re an overthinker like me.

All my life I’ve been struggling with making choices, letting go of the past, and worrying about the future. When I get stuck in the cycle of overthinking, it feels like there’s no way out.

I start thinking about one specific thing.
Become anxious about it.
Get overwhelmed by a swarm of ideas but still have no answers.
And then I think about it some more.

Overthinking can be…

6 signs and tips on how to stop the cycle

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All my life I’ve been told that I overthink. “Let it go,” my friends tell me when I ruminate about whatever situation we’re in. But it’s never been easy for me to just let it go.

Yet, according to one study from the University of Michigan, 73% of adults between the ages of 25 and 35 and 52% of 45 to 55-year-olds overthink.

What qualifies as overthinking? Health and wellness writer Julia Ries shares in HuffPost:

“If you rehash past conversations, dwell on your choices, or get trapped in a tunnel of “what if” scenarios, there’s a pretty good chance…

“For Gamers. By Gamers.” So why are so many gamers against this brand?

The problem with hyped products is that you don’t know if the products are actually good, or they are just trendy. This might lead to you buy something bad thinking that it’s good because “why would everyone use it if it isn’t good”?

Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff founded Razer in 2005. Since then, they’ve been focusing on creating products for gamers.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been using Grammarly and the Hemingway app for a while now but had never heard of DeepL and Natural Reader. I am definitely going to use these from here on out. :)

The Choice of Strychnine in ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ Was Unusual for its time

Published in 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles is Agatha Christie’s first novel that came from a dare from her sister Madge who challenged her to write a story.

Cover of The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Source: Amazon.

The story begins when Hastings is sent back to England from the First World War because of an injury.

He is then invited to stay with his old friend John Cavendish and his family.

Everything is fine until John’s step-mother, Mrs. Inglethorp, dies from poisoning.

Hercule Poirot, another old friend of Hastings, then comes to investigate this case.

Poison in Agatha Christie’s Works

“Christie seemed to have a major fascination with using poison as a way…

All the components I chose when building my own (and why)

Last month I wrote an article about how I built my own PC and how anyone can do it too. In it, I explain what components you need when building your own PC from scratch.

Although I talked about getting the components specific to my needs, I didn't specify which ones I got for myself and why.

Recently I got a comment on that article asking me to post a list of the components I chose. And that’s why I’m writing this now. …

Stop This Money Mistake Now

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Everyone knows the economy changed a lot this past year. Thanks to the deadly pandemic that we’ve been dealing with for more than a year now, many people are struggling with money in ways that they never had before.

Many people lost their jobs. But if you’re one of the lucky ones that didn’t, this doesn't free you from feeling broke. Even though you know that you have the resources, you might feel you don’t have enough.

If you’ve got income coming in but you still feel broke, know that you’re not the only one.

First of all, don’t worry…

6 Common Core Believes That Affect The Way You Live Your Life


One of my favourite Instagram accounts is The Holistic Psychologist, run by Dr. Nicole LePera. In her posts, she breaks down and articulates concepts such as re-parenting, mind-gut connection, ego, and self-betrayal so well.

Recently I found her post about common core beliefs and it resonated with me. Every single one felt very relatable or exactly like someone I knew.

According to LePera, a core belief is a belief created in the subconscious mind between birth to age 7, that a person has internalized as ‘truth’ or ‘reality’.

The Reticular Activation System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves in the…

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